Fairway & Goldstream Avenues - 600 block

Photos of our neighbourhood now, and photos of what the developer that built the building that was declared uninhabitable is proposing

Goldstream Gazette / Aaron Guillen

Residents raise concerns over proposed towers

Neighbours unite for more information

City Hall, June 20, 5:30


Danbrook One - 11 stories now sitting empty - deemed unsafe

Built by Design Build Services, it had its occupancy permit revoked.  It was deemed unsafe due to the way it was build. Now empty

Times Colonist story image

Langford residents join to oppose apartment building on single-family residential street

footprint of proposed two 11-story apartment towers

proposed development site map

neighbourhood lot lines

Neighbours stand together

Fairway Avenue Neighbourhood

Fairway home & trees at 650 Fairway, slated for removal to be replaced by 11 story building

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C•Fax Radio story image

Lack of clarity around development proposal in Langford

Developer Meeting

August 20 7:00 PM

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We, the friends and neighbours of Goldstream and Fairway Avenues, want Langford to regulate the proposed plans from the developer of the building that was declared uninhabitable (Design Build Services) to a scale that fits within our existing structure heights. We also want Langford to regulate Neighbourhood Zones in our city to enable them to remain true neighbourhoods for the citizens of Langford.

Fairway Neighbours Unite